Explore Toronto at InboundCon

InboundCon is being hosted in the heart of downtown Toronto on October 8, 2015, so make sure you use the weekend to visit some of the most amazing places in the city! Here’s a list of the coolest places we recommend:

CN Tower

It doesn’t get more obvious than this! Though the CN Tower may have lost its title of being the tallest in the world, there’s still plenty to do once you’re inside. From the 360 Restaurant to the word’s highest hands-free walk (you get to walk on the tower’s outside!), the CN Tower is a Toronto staple.

Ontario Science Centre

The OSC is easily one of the coolest places in Toronto. The interactive exhibits and dynamic stage shows will entertain and blow your mind. The Science Centre is technically a museum, but it feels much more like an amusement park.

Royal Ontario Museum

Whether you’re interested in dinosaurs or the fall of the Roman Empire, the ROM has got you covered. Toronto’s elite museum plays host to over six million items, 40 galleries, and over 150, 000 fossils from the Burgess Shale. The ROM is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the world and its past.

Toronto Islands

Simply put, the Toronto islands are just a fun place to hang out. The open space lends itself well to barbeques and picnics, but there’s also a restaurant and an amusement park. Additionally, the islands play host to a farm perfect for kids and the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest stone buildings in Toronto.

Distillery District

Don’t let hipsters fool you; the Distillery District is still as cool as ever. It’s preserved Victorian-era industrial buildings and crannies are fused with modern patios, restaurants, places to shop, and more. There’s always a new show to catch and cafe to sit down at.

Art Gallery of Toronto

At 480, 000 sq ft, the AGO is one of the largest galleries in North America. The AGO covers a huge variety of eras and cultures, from the Renaissance period to African and Oceanic exhibits. The Gallery also houses a significant library, student spaces, cafes, and restaurants.

Hockey Hall of Fame

No trip to a Canadian metropolis is complete without at least a mention or two of hockey. The Hall of Fame isn’t just a place full of hockey memorabilia though, it’s filled with interactive exhibits. You can test our skills against real-time virtual goalies or attempt to stop the shots of legends like Gretzky and Messier. And, of course, you can take a picture with the Stanley Cup.

Casa Loma

Did you know that Toronto has a castle? Completed in 1914, Casa Loma offers a glimpse into the grandeur lifestyle of a time gone by. For example, the stables have marble floors. Casa Loma may not rival your favorite German castles in terms of scope, but it’s definitely an impressive historical site.

The Zoo

The Toronto Zoo features over 5, 000 animals and 500 species. From lions to lemurs, this zoo takes itself seriously by dividing itself into 7 pseudo-geographic regions, including: Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain, and the Tundra Trek. Plus you can hang out with a bunch of pandas!

Backyard Axe Throwing League (you read that correctly)

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of chucking an axe at a target. You’re relieving stress and getting a decent upper body workout at the same time! If all of that sounded like madness to you, you have clearly never thrown an axe before.

Canada’s Wonderland

On the edge of Toronto is one of North America’s best amusement parks. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie or simply want to hang out at the water park, Wonderland has something for you.