April Dunford

April Dunford


CEO, Sprintly

April Dunford is the CEO of Sprintly, an agile project management tool for startups and agencies. Previously April has run Marketing and Sales at 6 startups and has also held executive marketing positions at IBM, Siebel and Nortel. She is an active mentor, angel investor and board member and has spoken at dozens of conferences on the topic of startup marketing.

Using Modern Positioning to Dominate Your Market and Kick-start Your Growth

Ensuring that prospects easily understand WHAT your offering is and WHY they should care can mean the difference between marketing success and failure. Great positioning provides a key to help customers decode the value of your products and is the foundation for all of our marketing efforts. Given how vital positioning is, you would think we would be amazing at it. In fact we totally suck at it. Why? Because we have been doing it the same way it was taught in the 70’s. I’m going to teach you a new way to think about positioning that will give your offerings a distinct, compelling competitive advantage that will kick-start your growth.

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