Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt


VP of Sales & Partner, Powered by Search

Matthew Hunt is the VP of Sales and a Partner at Powered by Search. He is a former theatre artist turned internet junkie! He considers himself an entrepreneur, a internet marketing addict, a brand geek, and a data lover. He has spent the last 8 years obsessed with digital marketing and had the opportunity to help brands like Fedex, Rogers, Remax, and Valvoline with their digital marketing.

How my addiction to self help books, my acting career, my children, my office door, my accountant, & my dyslexia have taught everything I need to know to make online paid advertising campaigns 10x better!

This will not be your typical boring marketing geek talk about PPC. Matthew has 10-years experience managing paid media campaigns for some of the largest brands and he has discovered there are 6 common mistakes most companies are making that is costing them BIG. He’s going to pull back the curtain on the 80/20 rule on paid media campaigns and show you how to deeply impact your paid media campaigns that will increase your leads & sales. He swears its a lot more fun and easier then most people realize!

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